Unsung Heroes of the Third City

2011 will be remembered as the year when inequality moved from the margins to the mainstream of public discourse. No longer just the purview of anti-poverty activists, progressive economists and [...]

Cities on High Alert

Here’s my latest op-ed on urban issues for The Toronto Star. They have a habit of changing my titles; this one was originally “The Age of Urban Unrest?” Last week, New York [...]

On the Riots

Much ink has been spilled over the UK riots. Naomi Klein wrote a good piece for The Nation and David Harvey posted some interesting comments on his blog. I find myself agreeing with most of what [...]

Who speaks for urban youth?

In my latest op-ed for The Toronto Star, I explore the issues facing urban youth this election. Which party speaks for urban youth this federal election? Over the past few weeks, media [...]

The Shock Doctrine, Toronto Style

The Shock Doctrine is coming to Toronto! In my latest contribution to Canadian Dimension, I argue that Mayor Rob Ford’s strategy has much in common with the right-wing machinations   [...]

Remixing urban education

In my latest op-ed on urban issues for The Toronto Star, I discuss the legacy of a little-known urban arts program that developed a number of Canada’s finest hip hop and Rn’B [...]

A bad week in In-Between City

Last week was not a good one to be living in the “in-between city,” the term urbanists use to describe areas wedged between the outer suburbs — with their sprawling residential neighbourhoods — [...]

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