The PT’s Own Goal

Brazil’s Workers Party (PT) government, led by former Marxist guerilla, Dilma Rouseff, is in the midst of a political crisis that it may not weather. Embroiled in a corruption scandal involving [...]

On Sport

I recently had the pleasure of guest editing a special sports issue of Canadian Dimension, the first of its kind in the magazine’s fifty year history. Below is my introduction to the issue. [...]

The Meaning of Hillsborough

On April 15th 1989, Liverpool Football Club and Nottingham Forest met at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, in the semi-final of English soccer’s oldest and most prestigious competition, the FA [...]

Heroes and Villains

With so much going on at the crossroads of politics and sports, I’ve decided to name my sporting heroes and villains for the year to date: Heroes Caster Semenya Persevering through some of the [...]

On Penn State

In my latest sports column for Canadian Dimension, I address the Penn State affair and the culture of male violence which afflicts US college sports. I have an uneasy relationship with US college [...]

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