Poverty, Protest and Power from Below

A friend recently sent me a cartoon depicting two workers in conversation: One says to the other, “Remember when nurses, teachers, municipal workers and poor people crashed the economy and took [...]

Ontario’s Poor Can’t Wait

In my latest op-ed for The Toronto Star, I discuss how quiet acceptance of austerity is not a realistic option for those living on the economic edge. During the last two weeks in Ontario [...]

Cities on High Alert

Here’s my latest op-ed on urban issues for The Toronto Star. They have a habit of changing my titles; this one was originally “The Age of Urban Unrest?” Last week, New York [...]

Occupy Wall Street!

Here’s my latest Politics As Usual blogpost for POUND. More on Occupy Wall Street to come… I doubted them; I really did. After so muted a reaction to the housing foreclosures, Wall [...]

The Shock Doctrine, Toronto Style

The Shock Doctrine is coming to Toronto! In my latest contribution to Canadian Dimension, I argue that Mayor Rob Ford’s strategy has much in common with the right-wing machinations   [...]

Appearence on DisRespect Radio

Geoff Langhorne hosts a great little radio program on CFMU 93.3 in Hamilton. It’s been going for 8 years now and I’m honoured to be an occasional guest. On this week’s show we [...]

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