Who speaks for urban youth?

In my latest op-ed for The Toronto Star, I explore the issues facing urban youth this election. Which party speaks for urban youth this federal election? Over the past few weeks, media [...]

The Shock Doctrine, Toronto Style

The Shock Doctrine is coming to Toronto! In my latest contribution to Canadian Dimension, I argue that Mayor Rob Ford’s strategy has much in common with the right-wing machinations   [...]

Remixing urban education

In my latest op-ed on urban issues for The Toronto Star, I discuss the legacy of a little-known urban arts program that developed a number of Canada’s finest hip hop and Rn’B [...]

A bad week in In-Between City

Last week was not a good one to be living in the “in-between city,” the term urbanists use to describe areas wedged between the outer suburbs — with their sprawling residential neighbourhoods — [...]

White Snow, White People, White Lies

NOTE:  Last week the Vancouver Sun reported on the B.C. government’s Assistance To Shelter Act,  which housing and anti-poverty activists called “a ‘Kidnap the Homeless [...]

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